About TalentIgniter

Welcome to TalentIgniter! TalentIgniter is the result of my work to develop affordable methods for helping families and individuals with personal assessments and guidance.

I’ve standardized significant portions of the assessment process so that individuals can complete inventories online at a fraction of the cost of individual assessments when done with highly trained and experienced professionals (like me). At the same time, this is more than a kid's IQ test because each step of this process includes individualized feedback, answers and guidance based on how you, the client, have completed the forms.

The first products are for parents who wish to find out the intellectual profile—the relative intelligence—of their child compared to others his or her age. This is accomplished through the completion of a Developmental Milestones online inventory. Parents fill in the blanks and receive their child’s Ruf Estimates of Levels of Giftedness category at the end. A brief summary is provided at that point.

For those still interested in more information, a constellation of family personality typing is available online, too. Feedback is customized for the entire family to guide parents in their job as parents as well as help them know which options and school settings will work best for their particular child. Additional products are available that go into more depth and detail about the 5 Levels of Gifted, What Each Level Needs, Types of Schools, and Steps to Take when deciding how to effectively support your child’s growth and development at home and school.

Pricing and affordability are an important part of TalentIgniter. At each step you have options as to how you wish to have your information delivered and what you wish to pay. For example, I’ve written detailed articles and e-books that relate to each topic. If you want to know more about Levels of Giftedness, you have the simple option of purchasing and reading my book, 5 Levels of Gifted: School Issues and Educational Options (2005) (formerly titled Losing Our Minds: Gifted Children Left Behind), or taking a quicker, less expensive route to the basic information through e-books.

Feel free to contact us regarding any feedback or suggestions.

Dr. Deborah Ruf

Deborah Ruf, Ph.D., the founder of TalentIgniter, is an international authority in gifted assessment, test interpretation, and guidance for the gifted. Having been a parent, teacher and administrator in elementary through graduate education, she writes and speaks about school issues and social and emotional adjustment of gifted children. She developed the Ruf Estimates of Levels of Gifted™, which is delineated in her book, 5 Levels of Gifted: School Issues and Educational Options (formerly titled Losing Our Minds: Gifted Children Left Behind, 2005, as well as in the new online assessment at TalentIgniter.