Five Categories of Abilities Assessed

Five Factors

Overall Estimate of Level - This result averages the child’s learning strengths and weaknesses - as estimated from the Ruf Estimates Online instrument - into a Levels category that allows for personalized recommendations for the individual child’s learning plan.

GI - General Intelligence - This is the global factor that underlies all aspects of cognition, thinking and reasoning.

SR - Spatial Reasoning - This ability is important for generating and conceptualizing solutions to multi-step problems that arise in areas such as architecture, engineering, science, mathematics, art, games, and everyday life.

VR - Verbal Reasoning - The ability to understand and reason using concepts framed in words. It is more than simple fluency or having a good vocabulary and is an ability to use words to evaluate what is going on.

QR - Quantitative Reasoning - This factor is the ability for applied problem-solving with or without formal instruction in mathematics, e.g., an ability to sense how a visual or verbal problem can be solved.