TalentIgniter Milestone Tracker - Capture Milestones, Development and Growth of Your Children

Easily capture and view the valuable milestones, memories, growth and images of your children forever! Plus get valuable insights and information around the development of your children...

The Milestone Tracker is available—at no cost to parents—to help you keep track of events, milestones, growth and photos of your children from infancy to teen years and beyond! The Milestone Tracker will guide you to record information about your child starting from his or her earliest years such as:

  • Developmental and physical milestones such as first smile, rolling over, first words
  • Special events such as birth time, weight & height, first doctor’s visit, birthdays, travel, people in your child’s life
  • Interests such as favorite toys, books, activities
  • Abilities and intellectual milestones such as earliest signs of reading, knowing colors and numbers, stacking blocks, doing puzzles
  • Photos – upload photos to create your own baby or child book or library for personal creations throughout your children’s years.

You can view them all in a wonderful timeline that you can personalize plus through other interesting viewing options. Your information is for your own private viewing but you can selectively share items with your close family and friends.

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Parents can find out the relative strengths and weaknesses of their young children before they are old enough for formal testing. As you enter information, we’ll give you information that helps you to compare your child’s progress to that of typical children of the same age. (This feature is under development)

If we see that your child is developing ahead of what’s typical, we’ll alert you to what special needs or support your child may require in order to fully develop his or her talents and abilities. Depending on just how advanced your child is, we’ll notify you when there is enough information for you to purchase and complete the Ruf Estimates of Levels of Gifted Online Assessment™. Once you purchase the Ruf Estimates of Levels of Gifted Online Assessment™, we’ll automatically fill in the blanks for you and highlight where more information is still needed. (This feature is under development)

As the mother of three grown children, I can attest to how normal it is to think we’ll never forget this or that wonderful experience or behavior. But, alas, unless we take notes and pictures, much of it is likely to slip away from us. The Milestone Tracker allows you to keep in one place all of these wonderful memories of your children.

To get started, just simply log in to your TalentIgniter account and go to your My Hub page. If you don't have an account yet, simply register for a free account.

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions as we continuously enhance this application to be as useful and valuable to parents and their children.

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Sample Milestone Tracker - from infancy to teen years

Here's a sample for John (a hypothetical child) with his milestones, photos, growth and journal entries filled up from infancy to teen years. Of course the entries will be more numerous and detailed for a real child. But it gives you an idea of the value of capturing this information for your children over the years.

Tour of Milestone Tracker Features

The Milestone Tracker has numerous features that will make it easy for you to enter various information about your children and view them in interesting ways.

Enter and track your child's information easily

Milestone information are organized in several categories making it easy for you to select and enter various milestones appropriate to your children:

  • Early physical milestones
  • Verbal or talking milestones
  • Pre-reading and reading milestones
  • Quantitative or number-related milestones
  • Spatial or shape-related milestones
  • Special talents
  • Other interesting things

Browse and view your child's information in interesting ways

In addition to the main timeline view where you can see photos, growth, journal and milestone entries together, there are additional ways of viewing and enjoying your child's information.

Browse photos in a photo book

In "book" form, you can go forward & backward and even let your photos automatically "play" in sequence.

View photos through a collage

This is a fun feature where your photos are dynamically rearranged as you resize the photo window.

Browse your journal entries in a journal book

In "book" form, you can go forward & backward and browse through your journal one entry at a time. You can capture:

  • Personal thoughts, anecdotes and observations
  • Precious memorable moments and stories
  • Important events, accomplishments and activities

Browse your child's milestones in a milestone book

In "book" form, you can go forward & backward and browse through your milestones one entry at a time.

Track your child's physical growth through a growth chart

View your child's height and weight evolve over time.

Share your information with close family and friends

You can quickly email select items or a group of items to your close family and friends.

Whether your child is an infant, toddler, elementary, middle or high schooler, the Milestone Tracker will be useful in tracking important milestones, events, growth, photos and all sorts of wonderful memories.

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