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Welcome to Parents' Picks! Please browse our extensive – and growing! – list of recommended books, toys, supplies, websites, and other products that will help you know how to keep your bright child happily growing and learning.

These selections come from the parents of children in the age groups noted. We're starting with infants and babies, but as the families grow and our contributor list expands we'll add recommendations to cover your needs – and your children's interests – throughout their childhood years.

If you have comments or suggestions yourself – or you wish to become a contributor to this section – please contact us.

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A Mom writes, “I love this website. I buy practical things (diapers, wipes, feeding supplies) as well as toys, books, clothes, furniture, you name it, they have it. Their prices are competitive and you get free next day shipping on any order over $49, or $25 if you combine your order with something from (another good site I use for soap, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, toiletries, shampoo etc.). The ease and speed of delivery of this one-stop-site is great for new moms who don’t necessarily have the time to go out to get things. They also have lots of sales and specials, for example, right now I am getting a 20% cash back credit towards my next order on any diapers I order for the next 6 months. They also have great customer service.”
A Mom writes, “I signed up for this site when I was pregnant. I enjoy getting their weekly age appropriate updates, and reading their general parenting tips.”


Toystore Websites
A Mom says, “My favorite toy store. It makes it easy to shop by age, and topic too.”
A Mom says, “Another website for toys that I love.”
Sophie the Giraffe
Every mom has one!
Art Cards
A Mom says, “Our baby loved these right out of the hospital, and still likes them at 7 months!”

Notable Toys

Mozart Magic Cube
Plush toys/security blankets
Teach My Baby
I take 15 minutes each day and do one section with her
Good place to put baby when you need to do dishes, make dinner etc.
Activity Center
Daddy calls it her office


A Mom says, “A selection of some of our favorite gifts” and TalentIgniter is working on more recommendations to add for pricing variety and smart children as they grow older.

Nerdy Baby
A great place to get gifts for parents who are science nerds.
Bunny Bank
Tea Set
Stocks/Bonds/Educational Savings Account
Baby Scrapbook

Great Gifts for Mom/Dad

Gift Card
A gift card to mom’s favorite spa/salon/clothing store. All of a new mom’s time and money tends to go towards the baby, so a treat just for her, at one of her favorite stores will be a welcome treat.
Digital Camera
Everyone I know who has had a baby, has gotten a new camera before the baby was born, in anticipation of the many baby photos that will be taken. A higher-end SLR camera is an expensive item for parents to get in addition to the many other baby expenses, and a great gift for grandparents to give, especially since they will hope to be the recipient of lots of photos.

A Mom says, “Again, has a lot of clothing. "
Tea Collection
A Mom says, “The Tea Collection is very popular these days."

A Mom says, “I know people who like Hanna Andersson and Janie and Jack very much, too.”

A Mom says, “I like Egg-baby clothes , and Joe’s (very cute, and super cheap, but only in Canada) .

A Mom says, "My favorite clothing store for special items, is Jacadi. As I am sure you can tell, it is on the extravagant side, but makes great gifts for those who want to splurge on something pretty and frivolous, but good quality.”


Breastfeeding Basics

Nursing Chair
Nursing Pillow
Breast Pump
Breast Pads

Lanolin Cream
Nursing Bras


The Nursing Mother’s Companion

A Mom says, “There are a number of a lactation consultant in your own area. Ask at the hospital or clinic where your baby was born for a list.” Solid Foods (make your own)

Beaba Babycook






A Mom says, “With this highchair the baby is pulled up to the family table, so you need a table cover to protect your table.”


A Mom says, “I would say sleep is the number one, hot-button issue for the moms I know. There are so many different approaches, with each one claiming to be correct, while accusing the other methods of being detrimental to your baby. So, new moms are eager for sleep strategies and advice. A few of the main players”:

Dr. Ferber

Dr. Sears

Dr. Weissbluth


The miracle blanket (newborns)

Sleep Sacks

Baby Monitor



Foreign Language Class


A Mom says, “Babies love grabbing at a cell phone, itouch, laptop etc. There are tons of apps for babies and toddlers, and I am sure there are websites that review and rate them. Something that I would find useful, would be to have an education specialist (you) review various apps, and let me know which ones are most educational and worth spending money on. You could even develop our own apps.”


Image of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (Brown Bear and Friends)

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (Brown Bear and Friends)

Bill Martin Jr (2008)

Image of The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Eric Carle (1994)

Image of Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon

Margaret Wise Brown (2007)

Image of Harold and the Purple Crayon (Purple Crayon Books)

Harold and the Purple Crayon (Purple Crayon Books)

Crockett Johnson (2005)