Gifted Resource Links

The people who are concerned about the needs of the gifted belong to a very generous community. There is a great deal of information available at no cost through various web sites. The following are links to excellent web sites where you can find more information and resources.

Most states have gifted organizations. Many states have departments of gifted and talented in their departments of education. These organizations offer resources without regard to location...

IDEAL Solutions® for Math Acceleration ( This new web-based system from the Belin-Blank Center provides a roadmap for meeting your child’s needs in math. Based on test scores and demographic information, IDEAL Solutions® creates a customized six-to-eleven-page report analyzing your child’s current aptitude in math and suggesting a future course of action. Visit the IDEAL Solutions® website to learn more!

National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC).  This is the national organization for educators and parents that specifically represents the educational interests of gifted children in the United States. Start your search with the page for finding your own state and area contacts and groups at After that, be sure to explore the entire site for helpful information, including how to purchase and use the Mile Marker Series, your GPS for the world of gifted and talented education, at  This CD-ROM includes a terrifically well-indexed (with an excellent Search function) resource to articles and book recommendations that cover every conceivable question about how to identify, educate, or parent gifted children. NAGC has special membership rates for parents when the parent first joins their own local affiliate.

Our Gifted Online Conferences: A Gathering Place for All Gifted (OGTOC -  A place to join together to meet, share, learn, and discuss issues pertaining to giftedness and talent of all individuals regardless of race, age, gender, economic status, and/or twice/thrice exceptionalities.  History:  OGTOC began several years ago as an online conference and has become a virtual international community of individuals who meet, share, learn, and discuss issues pertaining to giftedness and talent of all individuals regardless of race, age, gender, economic status, and/or twice/thrice exceptionalities. Sign up for the Gifted-OGTOC ning community to participate in subject-specific groups on an ongoing basis or to join an expert guest speaker's conference when they occur in real time. Here is a link to join

Talent Development ( An interesting and useful site developed and maintained by Douglas Eby, this site explores talent development, especially over a lifetime. It is one of the most useful sites I've discovered to deal with adult gifted and talented, as well as the numerous important issues that face real people.

Born to Explore ( A parent run site dedicated to giving information and answering questions about ADD and ADHD. Many gifted children are informally misdiagnosed by parents and teachers as being hyperactive or distractible. Explore this site before you come to that conclusion yourself.

American Mensa, Ltd. ( Membership is for people who have scored at or above the 98th percentile on a recognized standardized test. There are local chapters, state newsletters, national journal, etc. and many regular activities and gatherings of members.

Hollingworth Center for Highly Gifted Children (

Neag Center for Gifted Education & Talent Development ( Based at the University of Connecticut, this site gives information compiled by experts and researchers in the field.

Hoagies' Gifted Education Page ( This site leads to a number of other sites and is a great starting point.

Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted ( This site contains articles, links, conference information, and provides research and speaker grant money.

Davidson Institute ( This organization dedicated to serving the needs of profoundly gifted young people. It may be exactly what you need. This site has started to include articles from other sources as well as though the institute commissions itself. We highly recommend perusing this site, especially if you suspect your child may be exceptionally or profoundly gifted.

Genius Denied ( This site contains an array of gifted and talented resources, including articles, and to a state policy database of information regarding gifted & talented education policies across the U.S.

Gifted Development Center ( This is the site for The Gifted Development Center in the Denver, CO, area and is headed by Linda Silverman. The Advanced Development Journal: A Journal on Adult Giftedness is also available at this site.

The Educator’s Reference Desk ( This replacement for the ERIC web site has informative, research based articles. After accessing the site, click on "sites" and then "disabilities and gifted education."

There are a number of sites that sponsor competitions, summer programs, and other opportunities for highly intelligent and interested students. Please visit some of these for more information:

Abby Road Programs ( Abby Road develops summer pre-college and study abroad programs for high school students that facilitate cross-cultural understanding and enrichment by providing cultural immersion, intensive language study, college preparation, exposure to new academic subjects, travel excursions, and recreational adventure.
Academic Study Associates ( Academic Study Associates has been successfully running academic programs for high school students in the United States and Europe since 1983. From Barcelona to Berkeley, ASA’s pre-college and cultural immersion programs balance expert instruction, scheduled activities, travel and freedom to foster greater independence and personal growth.

Math Zoom Academy is an educational organization that develops and provides rigorous, yet fun and exciting, training programs for mathematically gifted students. They pride themselves in offering a program that develops the students' strong analytical, logical, and problem solving skills that will benefit them their entire lives.

The Gurian Institute ( The Gurian Institute, co-founded by Michael Gurian, is a training organization focused on providing schools, homes, workplaces, and community agencies with crucial understanding of how boys and girls learn and grow, and women and men work and lead. The ultimate mission of the Institute is to help all dynamic environments better serve the individual needs of both genders.

Let's Get Real ( is an academic competition and an opportunity for teams of students to gain experience working on real business challenges. Corporate sponsors supply real challenges for which teams submit solutions in business format. 717-566-7173

Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG) ( serves academically gifted students in grades 4 through 8 during seven sessions in five states. "The program combines remarkable academic learning experiences with cultural, social, and recreational opportunities" at Vassar College, Bryn Mawr College, Drew University, Amherst College, and Oberlin College for residential 3-week programs.

Summer Study Programs ( offers pre-collegiate programs for high school students at Penn State University, The University of Colorado at Boulder, and The American University of Paris.

Center for Talent Development ( at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, on the shores of Lake Michigan, for academically talented students in grades pre k-12. 847-491-3782

Minnesota Destination Imagination: Kid Powered-Team Driven! ( Join thousands of kids and volunteers by becoming part of the world's largest creative problem-solving program. Also look at the national site: Destination Imagination ( 763-550-7212

Pre-College ( summer programs for high school students in Providence, RI. Also have special scholarship opportunities. 401-863-7900

Intern Exchange International ( An intern exchange program for high school students between the US and London, England. Includes a wide, diverse range of topics from arts, to technology, to business. 610-527-6066

Global Reach ( Experiential summer adventure programs that provide unique opportunities for teenagers to work and grow together in an active, hands-on environment. Includes opportunities in the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Honduras, the Amazon and Galapagos, the Sinai, Australia, and Solomon Figi which include land and water experiences. Marine biology accredited. 888-833-1907

Summer Fun ( Pre-College enrichment for high school students at UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, University of Connecticut, University of Michigan, Georgetown University, University of Vermont, and Cambridge University. College credit classes, enrichment courses, research mentorships, DiscoveryWorks Community Service, Intensive Theatre Program, College Counseling, Weekend Trips, Intensive Golf and Tennis, ESL and TOEFL Program. 888-878-6637

Summer Fun Jr. Discovery ( 4 week enrichment programs for Middle School Students at UCLA, University of Michigan, and University of Vermont. Same website and contact number as above.

In Minnesota, contact any of the following:

Minnesota Educators for Gifted and Talented ( This site includes links to other important sites and references for those interested in learning more about giftedness and gifted education issues.

Minnesota Mensa ( for gifted children and adults.

Minnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented ( Minneapolis, MN, 952-848-4906 Membership includes an excellent 5 times a year newsletter.