Ruf Estimates™ Kids IQ Test

Ready to take the assessment and find out what your child needs to succeed in school?

Ruf Estimates™ Kids IQ Test

What is the Ruf Estimates™ Kids IQ Test?

Most parents are concerned about their child's potential and optimal development...

  • Do you suspect your child is smarter than other children his age? Is he challenged enough?
  • Would you like to understand your child's needs better? And find educational options worthy of her abilities?
  • What about his particular social and emotional needs?
  • How can you help your child succeed in school and realize her fullest potential?

You may have been hesitating to have your child take an expensive IQ test or to talk to your child’s school and teachers because you are simply unaware of possible options and at a loss for what to do next. Unfortunately, your child’s educational and developmental needs cannot wait!

Why can't you just wait and trust that the school will know what to do and will meet your child's needs? The list of potential problems is extensive including issues of underachievement, loneliness or social alienation, fear of failure, perfectionism, lack of time management, organizational and study skills, and misdiagnoses related to issues of attention, motivation, effort and behavior.

Find out now what your own child needs in order to avoid problems such as these. The longer your child stays in the wrong environment - one that simply doesn't "fit" him or her - the more difficult it will be for your child to fully realize his or her full potential.

What if there is a way to help figure out the answers to your concerns?

The Ruf Estimates™ Kids IQ Test will answer your questions quickly and inexpensively, plus give you so much more than just an IQ score.

  • The Ruf Estimates™ is a valuable tool for young children that parents complete themselves in the privacy of their own home. It is based on certain developmental milestones and behaviors that their child has exhibited starting from his or her earliest months.
  • The Ruf Estimates™ provides an estimate of IQ range PLUS profiles in 5 areas: overall intelligence, fluid reasoning, verbal abilities, quantitative reasoning abilities, and spatial abilities.
  • The FEEDBACK results are divided into 13 different estimated IQ ranges progressing from Average for his or her age group all the way through the intellectual scale to the highest, most Exceptionally and Profoundly Gifted.
  • See the sample screens below to get an idea of the FEEDBACK and RESOURCES you will receive.
  • Other RESOURCES offered by TalentIgniter include lists of recommended books, a regular blog, and a monthly newsletter.

Are you wondering if it would be worthwhile to do the Ruf Estimates of Gifted Online Assessment?
Dr. Ruf describes a few of the important benefits in this short video.

Grouping kids by age for instruction makes about as much sense as grouping them by height

The typical parent who takes advantage of the Ruf Estimates Online Assessment will literally save an average of two years of “misspent” school time for their child. The well-informed parent can short-circuit academic and emotional damage to their advanced learners during those critical first years of school.

Don’t leave your child’s education to chance. Know your child, know what to expect, and know what you can do. Find out now what your options are if your child isn't just like everyone else his or her age.

More Than an IQ Score for Your Kid

More than a score, TalentIgniter gives you interpretation and feedback. No other online assessment provides the information you get from TalentIgniter. The different assessed domains are clearly explained and are related to any eventual formal IQ testing. The Ruf Estimates is based on the results of more than 1,000 children’s actual Developmental Milestones and IQ testing over the past 10 years.

The Ruf Estimates™ is the ideal tool to use for children between the ages of 4 and 8 years old who are just starting their educational journeys. This Assessment may also help you to know whether your child is likely to qualify for any special programs or opportunities and warrants actual professional evaluation in the future.

We strongly believe that Dr. Ruf has given parents the key to the proverbial gifted door with Ruf Estimates™ Kids IQ Test. This assessment is the perfect launching point for all parents who suspect that their child might be gifted. Not only does it clearly define an intellectual range compared to age peers, it provides the essential information for what to actually do with a child in that range. The tailored information, guidance and recommendations given are fundamental to making informed parenting and educational decisions for the gifted child.

-Kristin & Ryan Parker

How Can the Ruf Estimates™ Assessment Help Your Child?

After you answer the assessment questions around the abilities and milestones of your child, you will be presented with the Ruf Level of your child and signficant feedback in many areas as shown below.

Below are sample screens from the High Average Level results for the Ruf Estimates. Your own child's results will be from any one of the 13 Levels provided, and the graph will be unique to your child's profile.

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Assessment Results

The Feedback sections are the main value of the Ruf Estimates™ Kids IQ Test. Starting with the Assessment Results page, you can return at any time to read through the Learner Guide, Schools, School Needs, Social Needs, and an Action Plan checklist. You can also print out the 10-12 pages of results or save it in PDF format to your own computer.

Each of these sections has additional tabs for recommendations, explanations, resources, and facts for their child’s particular profile and needs.

The first Feedback page is totally individualized for YOUR child’s ability profile. Five ability domains are charted to show you the level of each for your child. Your child’s results are individualized into one of 13 different Levels of ability from Average to Level Five (Profoundly Gifted across all areas of ability). The text in the large box fully explains what this profile is and what the particular Level means.

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Learner Guide

The Learner Guide section takes the reader to a section that explains how schools generally approach the needs of advanced learners.

Helpful Resources takes you to working, direct links, book recommendations, and additional sites related to how to guide your child toward successful performance in school.

The sidebar explains additional details such as: "How do the Levels correlate to real-life outcomes and potential?" You don’t need to wade through information that isn’t relevant to your own child’s abilities and needs.

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School Types

The School Types describes specific school types to help you with selecting the best kind for your child’s needs.

Each step through the Feedback develops a better understanding in the reader about how the child’s needs aren’t likely to be met without parental intervention and support. Parents gain relevant knowledge and the confidence to be excellent advocates for their own children.

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Educational Options

The tab for Educational Options explains school jargon for the methods schools have available—methods that are supported by the research—for meeting the needs of advanced learners.

Helpful Resources lists additional sources that will teach you more about how the ideal school setting should look for your child’s profile, including resources about learning and gender differences and numerous listserves where you can ask questions.

Everything is in one place for you. Once you have purchased and completed the Online Assessment you can return to the site at any time to check out recommendations and links. You can print out the entire 10-12 page Feedback at any time, or easily share it with your child’s teachers or grandparents. The Resources lists make good gift suggestion lists for your family, too.

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School Needs

This section describes specific School Needs for your own child’s results. Recommendations are specific for the Early Grade School Years, Middle School Years, and the High School Years.

The Feedback and Recommendations also tell you how to use the School Needs section for each Type of school that your child may find him or herself attending. The recommendations vary according to what your family has to deal with.

The Interesting Facts are tidbits that make you think and help you interpret what you face when trying to advocate for your child at his or her school.

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Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources are different for each section of the Feedback on the Ruf Estimates. Resources include information on Learning Disabilities, Learning Styles, how to parent a bright or gifted child, how gender differences affect learning and school behaviors, etc.

Parents get a big picture of how to prepare themselves, as well as their children, for the school years. It’s not all words; it’s resources, activities, and listserves to connect with and ask your questions as you move through the process of educating your children. The Resources vary for the different Levels of Gifted. There is no One-Size-Fits-All here.

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Social and Emotional Needs

Social and Emotional Needs are a very important part of the Ruf Estimates Feedback. The Social Lives of each Level are described in the context of friendships and the different environments your children might find themselves in. The Resources are rich with books, websites, Centers, articles, and listserves that will help you to identify how to parent your advanced learner, find activities and friendships, mentors, and support for your journey.

The Interesting Facts about Social Needs helps you to understand just how different your child is from many same-aged classmates and what this means for his or her development and happiness. You learn how to assess for yourself whether or not the school is working well for your child.

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Action Plan

An Action Plan has been laid out that helps you to know where to start and what to do next.

Each section from the Feedback summarizes the steps needed to meet the stated objectives. It serves as a quick reminder of the goals. You can check back or print it out for easy reference.

The level of each bar below will vary according to your child’s particular strengths.

Printout of Assessment Results

You can print out 10-12 pages of results or save it in PDF format to your own computer.

After completion of the Ruf Estimates™ Kids IQ Test, you will have a very good estimate of your child’s particular strengths and relative weaknesses plus a large amount of description, recommendations and resources for giving your child an education that will maximize his or her potential and lead to a happy, confident youngster.

Note: The usual cost to work professionally with a specialist who can analyze your child's ability profile prior to standardized IQ testing and give you resources, support, and directions of what to do next is in excess of $500.

I’ve known Dr. Ruf and her work professionally and through mutual projects in the field of gifted education—even came to her for consultation and guidance for my own very gifted son when he was very young.

I highly recommend the ease, accuracy, affordability, and usefulness of her new Ruf Estimates™ Kids IQ Test. Thanks to this product, parents of preschool and elementary aged children can have an important head start on what their children need in order to flourish in school and in life.

-Keri M. Guilbault, Ed.D.

Ready to take the assessment and find out what your child needs to succeed in school and realize his/her fullest potential?

Ruf Estimates™ Kids IQ Test