"What to Do Next" Series

  • Guide #1 - We Know Our Child's IQ, Now What Should We Do? (Downloadable PDF)
    Although there are many helpful books, articles, and specialists out there to help parents, sometimes what you really need is a "to-do" list. One of the leading stated concerns parents voice on gifted forums is, "We got our child assessed but we still don't know what to do." So, here are some answers for you.
  • Guide #2 - The Other Achievement Gap (Downloadable PDF)
    How can we better encourage and reinforce the most entrepreneurial and talented among us? We can start by changing the ways we set up schools and the ways we address the very different learning abilities and needs of the students in them.
    The well-known “achievement gap” refers to the difference in the average academic performance between our highest and lowest achieving population groups. I believe our most worrisome achievement gap should be the performance gap we see within each individual rather than those between any groups of people.